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I’m Anna, The Herbology Faerie!

Join me for hygge herbalism, seasonal recipes, fascinating folklore, gardening, DIY ideas, and the magic of nature.

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Beltane Floral Incense

This blog post is a little something different: an excerpt from the spring edition of Botanical Anthology! This plant centered digital publication is packed with seasonal crafts, recipes, foraging tips, articles, & more. Click here to learn more about the digital edition, or click here to check out the print edition. Carrie Tuttle is an…

Dill Potato Soup

For dill month with the Plant Wonder Collective, I decided to make potato soup! Dill pairs so nicely with potatoes, and gives the soup a fresher flavor for springtime rather than a heavier, wintry taste. You could make your own favorite potato soup recipe and simply add dill in wherever herbs are called for, or…

Orange Rose Shortbread Cookies

I’ll admit—this recipe was inspired entirely by rewatching old episodes of the Great British Bake Off. I keep seeing shortbread cookies, and hearing them talk of how their “biscuits” have a satisfying snap. My midwestern American palate is much more accustomed to gooey, soft cookies which are delicious but a bit simpler. So I thought…

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